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Classroom Bundle (100, Perfect for Multiple Classrooms)

Classroom Bundle (100, Perfect for Multiple Classrooms)

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This package is designed with educators in mind! Re-Re The Reader is being used as source material for lesson plans in classrooms nationwide. The story is written in rhyming verse which has the following benefits:
improves memory
•helps children learn the pattern of language
•promotes phonemic awareness which is a critical skill in literacy

The production team behind Re-Re The Reader understood the importance of incorporating sight words into the story. These high frequency words promote confidence and reading comprehension skills in children. This is why Re-Re The Reader features numerous words from the first three-hundred word lists of Fry's Sight Words.

Re-Re The Reader has been used as a teaching tool for grades K-3. This classroom bundle contains the following materials:
•100 paperback copies of Re-Re The Reader
•100 Re-Re The Reader reading comprehension packets with an answer key
•100 Re-Re The Reader bookmarks with a reading log attached

This bundle is valued at $1,500 but we're waiving 33% of that total to assist educators in teaching the importance of literacy. Order your classroom bundle today and help students learn the power of reading!
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