Tamia & Tamishio Hawkins: The Dynamic Cookie Duo

This mother-daughter duo from St. Louis, MO. has been tackling the world of entrepreneurship since 2015. With the help of her mom, Tamia founded Mia’s Treats Delight, an online bakery, when she was just 8-years-old and has been a pioneer in the world of kid entrepreneurship ever since, inspiring other kids to follow their dreams by starting their own businesses. In September 2023, Tamia and Tamishio joined the Faith Write Now Family by publishing their debut children's book, "Mia Dreams BIGGER."

Tamia Coleman-Hawkins, affectionately known as “The Oprah of Cookies”, is a social entrepreneur who’s won numerous awards for not only her delicious, gourmet cookies, but for her philanthropic work she does in and out of the kitchen. She regularly partners with local homeless shelters, whether it’s to donate clothes, food, cookie cakes, or to just throw a huge birthday bash! Tamia has served as a kid board of director for several organizations, including KIDBOX, Dreams for Kids, and The Mission Attempt. She’s a motivational speaker who's been featured on the Today Show, local news segments, and podcasts. Tamia has been featured in numerous publications such as Southern Living Magazine, NPR, Travel Noire, Cuisine Noire, local newspapers, The ROOT, and many more!

Tamishio Hawkins, known as “Cookie Mama”, is a philanthropist, connector, and “master encourager.” She’s also the Amazon best-selling author of the anthology "#MomBoss." After leaving her corporate position of over 13 years, Tamishio is now the COO of Mia’s Treats Delight where she enjoys working full-time with her daughter, Tamia, and meeting new people every day. Tamishio has always had a servant's heart and has organized numerous events serving the houseless community in the St. Louis area.


Mia Dreams BIGGER!

  • Mia Dreams BIGGER!

    Who knew an economics class would spark the imagination of 8-year-old Mia and take her on an exciting journey of entrepreneurship. Buckle up and hold on tight as Mia learns about being an entrepreneur, giving back, and the importance of family & community. Based on a true story, Mia Dreams BIGGER is an adventure that will inspire both children and adults alike.
    Mia Dreams BIGGER

  • Faith Write Now Family

    Did you know that Tamia and Tamishio are the first mother-daughter author duo to join our publishing imprint?

  • The Most Flavorsome Cookies!

    Make sure that you order Mia's cookies today! They are beyond delicious and made with nothing but fresh ingredients and love. My personal favorites are the white chocolate chip and birthday cookies.

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