Takiyah L. Prowell: Showing The World The Power Of Reading

Meet the Jr. Proofreader of Faith Write Now! Takiyah is a joyful and talented 11-year-old who enjoys reading. She has received various awards and recognition at school for her reading skills.

On August 17, 2020 in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Takiyah decided to display her love of reading by publishing her first children's book, Re-Re The Reader. Re-Re The Reader details the story of a young girl who gains superpowers through reading. This title became a bestseller in several categories which helped Takiyah add "Bestselling Author" to her young resume. She was later named as a finalist in the Author category for St. Louis Magazine’s 2021 A-List Awards.

Takiyah strives to promote literacy among her peers and is partnering with the L.I.F.E. Foundation and Bridge 2 Hope STL. She has donated over 1,000 books to help children build their own personal libraries at home. She has also donated books to schools in West Tennessee, several communities nationwide, and in Cameroon. In July 2021, Takiyah received a community award by The Mission Attempt STL for her philanthropic efforts.

Takiyah is a member of Young Biz Kidz, an organization based in St. Louis, MO that promotes entrepreneurship and financial literacy for children. She also works as an assistant for her brother’s business, JZ’s Sweets. Takiyah loves to sing and dreams to become a nurse, fashion designer, and cosmetologist. She is also a member of the Rhosebud Club of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Takiyah hopes that other kids will grow to love reading through Re-Re The Reader.

"Re-Re The Reader" meets Tabitha Brown!

In 2023, Takiyah met New York Times bestselling author and Emmy Award winning TV personality, Tabitha Brown, at the inaugural Memphis Vegan Brunch in Memphis, TN. This was an unexpected surprise for Takiyah, who admires Brown's work. Takiyah didn't just "meet" Brown who is known as "America's mom." She was able to share with Brown how she inspires her. Takiyah also discussed details of her own children's book, Re-Re The Reader, during this interaction.

"I felt really excited and happy to meet her [Tabitha Brown] because I love everything she does. She writes books, makes clothing and hair products, cooks good food, and I love her show 'Tab Time.' She inspires me because she doesn't give up on what she wants to do no matter what other people say," Takiyah stated about this experience.

Takiyah proudly represented St. Louis and for Re-Re The Reader by gifting Tabitha Brown a copy of her book.

"I want kids like me to love reading because it is something that is needed for everything you do in life. I'm not giving up on this mission just like Tabitha Brown doesn't give up on her goals." -Takiyah Prowell

Article from the Tri-State Defender

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  • Book Drive For Heroes

    Takiyah has partnered with The L.I.F.E. Foundation to host a continuous book drive for children. All donations will benefit the Reading Superheroes Club in St. Louis. The Reading Superheroes Club strives to build home libraries with diverse stories so that children can see themselves in the books they read. Books must be new or gently used, culturally diverse, and for children ages 3-5 years old. Please purchase from this wishlist. Each book that is purchased from this list will go straight to the L.I.F.E. Foundation. 

    You can also email ReReTheReader@gmail.com or hello@faithwritenow.com to send your donations! Remember that reading is your superpower! 💜🖤💙

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